Sunday, 13 October 2013

Raw Canvas - Vancouver, BC

It was one of my girlfriends' birthday dinner and she wanted to come to Raw Canvas in Yaletown. I wasn't too fond of the idea at the beginning because one, I am not an artistic person and two, I didn't want to have wine and cheese for dinner.

Let me first explain how Raw Canvas works. You start with the tasting plate which is $17. You can pick 3 types of cheese or meats and 3 types of accompaniments which doesn't sound like a lot. Then, after you are finished eating, you go over to the painting area with you wine if you like and start painting. The painting prices depends on the canvas sizes and you can use all the paintbrushes and paint there. 

I picked 2 cheese and a quail & pear terrine (bottom centre). For accompaniments, I picked fig (top centre),  apple thyme confiture( top left) and fire roasted tomatoes (top right). When I started eating it, I changed my mind about coming here. This pretty much got me hooked on wine and cheese. The accompaniments were so good. I especially liked the fig and the confiture. They all came with a basket of mini sliced baguette. You can ask for refills for the sliced baguettes. I first thought I wasn't going to be full from this but as we were eating and chatting, I realized I was getting quite full. 

After we were finished eating, we went to the painting area. Normally, everyone would get their own canvas, but we decided to get a big one to share because I am not artistic and because having your own canvas is quite pricey. I believe the size that we got was $55 and they were nice enough to split the price equally between all of us. 

Overall, I really do enjoy the experience and this will be even more enjoyable for those who enjoy painting. I really enjoy the food they provided and I wish I can go there only for the food. I am not sure if they allow you to but it seems like everyone who ate there did go painting afterwards. 

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