Monday, 4 November 2013

Bandidas Taqueria - Vancouver, BC

After partying on Friday night, what's better than a heartwarming brunch on a rainy Saturday morning. Boyfriend and I wanted to try something different so we found this place on Commercial Drive. Looking at the reviews, I was afraid there might be a long line up. It took us a while to find parking as we missed the restaurant first time around because it was right at the corner of E12 th and Commercial. When we got there, there were probably 2-3 groups in front of us. However, because there were only two of us and we didn't mind sitting at the bar, we got a table right away. 

The restaurant isn't too big and it was still full house considering it was pouring outside. I actually enjoyed sitting at the bar because I was able to see he chefs in action.

There were too many options on the menu and we asked the waitress what to recommend. Based on her recommendation, I ordered the breakfast burrito baked with sauce and cheese for $10.75 and boyfriend ordered Benny with salsa verde. 

The burrito was huge and of course I wasn't able to finish. The burrito had scrambled eggs, beans, sour cream and cheese. Make sure you get it with cheese and sauce.  In my opinion, it would not taste as good if it didn't have the sauce and cheese. Each bite was just so flavourful. It was simple cooking and the Mexican flavours weren't overwhelming at all. I could not stop eating. Everything tasted so good with each other. I thought I would probably be able to finish half of it but it was so good and I only had a quarter of it left. I couldn't really figure out what was in the sauce but it wasn't overwhelmed with tomato flavours. It was really good!  

The aftermath...

Boyfriends Hick's Benny came with scrambled eggs, corn bread, roasted potatoes and yams, pinto beans, red cabbage. It's definitely a small plate but filled with food. 

You can see the runny yolk from the soft boiled egg. I personally am not a fan of corn bread so
I didn't really enjoy it nor was I able to tell if it's good or not. The red cabbage has some lemon flavour. I really enjoyed the beans. It's soft and flavourful. The roasted yam and potatoes were cooked well too. It was a very heartwarming dish. I did enjoy my burito more though just because I like food that's more saucy as well as I love anything with baked cheese.

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